Hi, I'm Lonneke Reijalt

Master of Interior Architecture

what is interior architecture?

Interior architecture is everywhere. You don’t think about it, but all public spaces are designed. Your local supermarket, the immense offices, the uncomfortable waiting room of the dentist, the quiet library, the busy train station and all these popular coffee shops. 

how i work

As a designer I begin with the users of the space. What are their needs? And what is the spatial context of the project? Then I translate this input into a concept for the space. This concept is the base for the design. Materials, furniture and lighting all contribute to the needs of the users. Not all decisions are obvious, the trick is to design a space that fits the needs seamlessly.

I'm part of Plus3

A collective of interior designers


private home

This home is completely redesigned with respect for original details.


An industrial space with a soft touch of nature.

flexible workplace

A place where students and alumni can work, meet and attend events.

youth center

All the 21st century technologies are within reach to make the endless dreams of young people come true.


Lonneke Reijalt


Master Interior Architecture

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht


Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven



owner, interior designer


Func. interior

owner, interior designer



freelance interior designer


Workshop of Wonders

freelance interior designer



internship interior designer



internship interior designer

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Europalaan 500 – Z.3.5

3526KS Utrecht

The Netherlands


Phone : +31 6 49 373 306

Email : lonneke@plus-3.nl